Genealogy Software

What is the best genealogy software? A blog called Genealogy Today is tackling the problem by creating a software comparison guide at It identifies 49 software packages listed initially by the blog’s “Smart Ranking.” This ranking is based on information provided by CNET,, and Family Tree Magazine. The first two sources rate a product based on reviews by users. The last two rely on the opinion of a professional reviewer.

The GenealogyToday site provides the ability to compare individual systems on a large number of factors. Click the Compare button next to systems of interest and then click the Compare button at the bottom of the page. What is presented is a comparison of the selected packages on such factors as price, methods of delivery, languages supported, types of technical support, contact details, and, most importantly, capabilities. The capabilities check off list of 45 items has mistakes, at least based on my knowledge of Brothers Keeper. It states BK does not have GEDCOM import/export ability which is not true. None of the software capabilities are explained; therefore, it is difficult to understand what is meant by BK not having a multi-lingual interface. BK does support more than one language.

Also visit GenSoftReviews at It rates software based on user reviews and there usually are enough user comments to assist in deciding which package to use.

A description of the project can be found at And for a very long list of software for highly specialized research, check out