Some of our members have visited the "Old Country" to research their family history.  They strongly encourage anyone contemplating a visit to Europe to get professional guidance, preferably an individual familiar with the area, with a number of languages (including Hebrew if you are visited old cemeteries, archives (if you are doing genealogical research, and local experts and customs.  See Karesz Vandor's tips in his handout on this page for additional tips.

For trips to Poland:

​I recommend Krzysztof Malczewski (krystek@krystek.a4.pl).  Kris is intimately familiar with small and large cities in Poland and serves as a consultant to JRI-Poland.  He is an expert researcher when it comes to vital records and local and regional archives, and he doesn't hesistate to use local experts when necessary.  His English is excellent; he drives his own van.  Kris idoes not read Hebrew, but he knows people who can read Hebrew in cities such as Lodz and Warsaw.  Contact Debbie at debbietheteacher@gmail.com for more information.

For trips to Hungary and Slovakia

Karesz Vandor of Hungarianroots.com was a featured speaker at a 2016 TJGS meeting and has been a keynote speaker at a number of recent IAJGS conferences.  Karesz is fluent in Hungarian, English, and Hebrew, and has boundless energy to search gravestones and comprehensive knowledge of the location of genealogical records throughout Hungary and Slovakia. His website is hungarianroots.com and he can be reached at info@hungarian roots. com.  If you have questions, contact Debbie at debbietheteacher@gmail.com.

For trips to Ukraine, one of our members made this observation:  
In Western Ukraine, I would recommend Bela Huber (huberbelay@yahoo.com) with some reservation (He was highly recommended by Marshall Katz from the sub-Carpathian SIG, who travels there every year).  Bela speaks 
English, Hungarian, Ukrainian, and Russian (but not Hebrew.). Bela was invaluable in getting us across the border from Hungary to Ukraine and made all our hotel and travel arrangements there. He knew the area around my mother's village very well and was able to engage the local people in conversation (NO ONE there spoke English). However, he only translated a small amount of what the townspeople said. (I later sent the video from our trip to newfound cousin in Toronto, who had actually grown up in the town after the Holocaust. She asked me whether we had ever met the old woman one of the people mentioned, because she would have remembered the family. Bela never told us about this woman!) Although Bela's English is decent, he had someone else drive us to the airport in Lviv, who spoke no English at all, and it was a little awkward. --Contact Roz Darling at rosalynbenjamindarling@hotmail.com for more information.

Bill and Becky Battye used the services of Alex Dunai in Ukraine, Moldova, and Besserabia.  You can contact Bill Battye at battye.bill@ecrweb.com for more information.