Holocaust Research

One of the reasons that Jewish genealogists become passionate about their research is that they are trying to reconstruct a family devastated by the losses of the Holocaust. This work is often complex and challenging, but it is possible.

Please review our list of Holocaust resources.

The Yad Vashem website (www.yadvashem.org) has Pages of Testimony (POT) from surviving family members and other resources about those who perished.  While not intended to be a genealogical resource, the POT have certainly turned into a major one. There are also photographic archives and other valuable information on this site. Here is a link to a guide to Yad Vashem resources.

The US Holocaust Museum has a survivor registry as well as records from the International Tracing Service (ITS). (You can also correspond with the ITS independently).  Some of these records are accessible from its website at www.ushmm.org.  Of course, the USHMM is only a 4.5 hour drive from the Triangle, and its library of Holocaust resources and its library staff are worth the trip, and then some.

This article by Ted Bainbridge on Holocaust resources on Ancestry.com may be useful.

The Together email bulletin from Allgenerations, Inc., which lists events (some of genealogical interest) and reglar postings for individuals searching for family members and friends lost during the Holocaust.  Email allgenerations@aol.com or go to www.allgenerations.org for subscription information.

A list of more Holocaust research resources can be found here.

Several of our TJGS members are also searching for the relatives who perished in Shoah.  Ask us for help.